Today's poem is "Ibex Have Evolved for Life at the Top"
from Little Stranger

Copper Canyon Press

Lisa Olstein's debut collection of poetry, Radio Crackling, Radio Gone (Copper Canyon Press, 2006), won the Hayden Carruth Award, and her second volume, Lost Alphabet (Copper Canyon Press, 2009), was named a "Best Poetry Book of the Year" by Library Journal. She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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Books by Lisa Olstein:

Other poems on the web by Lisa Olstein:
"In the Meantime"
"From This Vantage Point Your View Will Be Clear"
"Traveling in a Herd is the Best Protection"
Eight poems
"[white spring]"
Three poems
"Still Early"
"Today Will Be Cloudy and Gray. Tomorrow It Will Rain."

About Little Stranger:

"Is she just smarter about syntax, more articulate about human drama, more imaginative about eeriness, more insightful about sadness, more capable of turning a novel phrase, more engaging a storyteller than nearly all the rest of her peers? Well, yes."
The Huffington Post

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