Today's poem is "Pleasure Milker"
from The Glacier's Wake

Pleiades Press

Katy Didden holds degrees from Washington University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Missouri. Her poems have appeared widely in such publications as Best New Poets 2009, Crazyhorse, Ecotone, The Journal, Shenandoah, Smartish Pace, Image, The Kenyon Review, and Poetry. Former poetry editor for The Missouri Review, Didden currently lives in St. Louis, where she is a postdoctoral fellow at St. Louis University.

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Katy Didden's Website.

About The Glacier's Wake:

"With precision and craft reminiscent of Bishop’s Questions of Travel, these are field notes for an earth alive and on the move. . . . Didden has both a mathematician’s and a poet’s mind, gauging her life against the larger processes, imagining how, in the days before electricity, 'you could mark your place in the universe / by how you fit / among the stars.'"
—Melissa Kwasny

"Katy Didden’s remarkable first book is distinguished by a wide range of styles poem-to-poem, a dense aural texture as well as masterful use of rhyme generally, and heart. To say the poems have heart might seem surprising considering the Moore-like preponderance of cold scientific diction and Buntingesque physicality—or is it Loy she’s channeling? But Didden humanizes the elemental by making this kind of language sing . . ."
—Elizabeth Arnold

"Didden’s is a capacious voice, able at once to deliver both wit and wonder, canny insight and meditative mystery. this is the approach to poetic vocation—a lush and laden lyric vividly voiced—that keeps me reading, and keeps me smiling as I do so."
—Scott Cairns

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