Today's poem is "Lula and the Death of Daddy Longlegs"
from Algorithms

Quale Press

John Allman taught at Cazenovia College in Central New York State and, for 26 years, at Rockland Community College of the State University of New York. He is retired and lives in Katonah, New York, with his wife, Eileen Allman, also a writer. His awards include the Helen Bulls Prize from Poetry Northwest and a Pushcart Poetry Prize; he was twice awarded National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowships in Poetry. He is the author of many collections of poetry and is also the author of a collection of fiction.

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About Algorithms:

"John Allman is master of the packed, surprise phrase, the sharp insight, intense articulated moment. From 'prickings of consciousness' which Baudelaire identified as the core of the prose poem, stories cross thresholds, opening up wide vistas. They call us out and into a fascinating country where the unexpected clicks into place. From these deep, 'broken,' musical narratives real life rises and gleams. I admire this collection enormously."
—Brian Swann

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