Today's poem is "Our Lady of Ash Wednesday"
from The Devotional Poems

Black Ocean

Joe Hall was born in the woods and is devoted to Cheryl. His poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews have appeared in Gulf Coast, HTMLGIANT, Octopus, Hayden's Ferry Review, Versal and elsewhere. His books include The Devotional Poems (Black Ocean, 2013), Pigafetta is My Wife (Black Ocean, 2010) and, with Chad Hardy, The Container Store (SpringGun Press, 2012).

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About The Devotional Poems:

"The world is constantly being ripped limb from limb in these poems, teeming as we are with beasts and bees and phantoms and hermaphrodites and dudes. Devoted, yes, to terror, but true too to the gorgeous black underbelly of how we’re all at once somehow together possessed. Joe Hall breeds electricity to breathe by again and again. He eats and regurgitates an unblinking, brilliant, sacred eye."
—Blake Butler

"This is a book with a basic religion, which shifts and turns its shade upon looking, drawing its colors from The Book of Revelation as much as from the kinder spirit books. It is a sacred text where Hall becomes the ‘singing corpse,’ not ‘dragged across this landscape,’ but instead the singing thing dancing across the hills and valley."
—Dorothea Lasky

"Hall’s devotions uncover ‘in the derelict warehouse’s silence’ a worldly utopia grown fat on the carcasses of lifeless heavens: ‘This is where I stick my head in the liquid / fire of the sun and piss myself while / burning vistas multiply.’"
—J. Michael Martinez

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