Today's poem is "Blackberry Picking After Old Michaelmas"
from The Egg Mistress

Gold Line Press

Jessica Poli grew up in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, but also calls Pittsburgh her hometown. She is currently in the MFA program at Syracuse University, and is editor of the online magazine Birdfeast.

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"The Egg Mistress"

Jessica Poli on Twitter.

About The Egg Mistress:

"A startlingly surreal and mytho-erotic creation, The Egg Mistress conjures unknown boundaries of eros and worlds within an egg whose origins demand the geographies of a new language:

If I could speak mineral.
If I could only eat bonemeal. If the cabbage

learned not to grow roots. If you were the barn
and I was the peeled corn.

Jessica Poli is a true original and this chapbook is an odyssey of delight."
—Mark Irwin

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