Today's poem is "Gifts out of Dirty Weather"
from The Law of Falling Bodies

The University of Arkansas Press

Elton Glaser was distinguished professor of English at the University of Akron for many years. He is the author of Translations from the Flesh, Here and Hereafter, and six other books of poetry.

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Books by Elton Glaser:

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Elton Glaser's according to Wikipedia.

About The Law of Falling Bodies:

"Through his seven previous books, Elton Glaser has been like Elvis: a poet who can ‘sing all kinds’ and sound like nobody else. From the opening lines of The Law of Falling Bodies, Glaser’s voice is again pitch perfect—sometimes tender, sometimes raucous—as he longs for April’s ‘syllables/ Of slow elation’ or describes a crocus with ‘more gold / In its mouth than a Mississippi bluesman.’ But as pain and grief devastate his life, his poems deepen into a new register. In searing, heartbreaking elegies, in a voice ‘hurt into eloquence,’ Glaser gives us his most powerful work yet."
—Lynn Powell

"Elton Glaser’s special voice has often been that of the morose student of unlikely beauty. In this newest collection, the ante is unexpectedly raised, by unforeseen elements of tremendous pain and loss in the poet’s own life. Out beyond self-pity, like a tragic hero who is somehow both Lear and Lear’s Fool, conversing and sometime joking in the storm, Glaser sings of his diminished world, his learning from loss, in poems that are rousing, heartbreaking, unforgettable."
—David Young

"Over the years Elton Glaser has, with a quiet fortitude and an exceptional lyric precision, fashioned a commendable body of work, and this new collection is his best thus far. The Law of Falling Bodies is notable both for the surprise and exactitude of its imagery and for an imagination that works in splendid sync with something very much like wisdom. These are taut, haunting, and durable poems by a writer of the first order."
—David Wojahn

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