Today's poem is "They Don't Sing"
from Neither Prayer, Nor Bird

Finishing Line Press

Devon Miller-Duggan's first collection, Pinning the Bird to the Wall, was published in 2008. She teaches Creative Writing at The University of Delaware and lives with her husband, an historian of Christianity, in Newark, DE.

Books by Devon Miller-Duggan:

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Three poems
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About Neither Prayer, Nor Bird:

"Neither Prayer, Nor Bird is a book about, and of, unlikely and disturbing angels: hummingbirds, artwork, Elvis, ghost stories to scare devils. It's also about language: the difficulty of getting the divine to recognize questions, why angels begin every conversation with 'Fear Not!' And it's about flesh and its interrelations with spirit: 'with our flesh like magnets, like burrs, like gaffs, we drag them [angels] everywhere.' Part literal, part surreal, all unexpected, it expresses our frustration with flesh, 'the recalcitrant clay,' but ultimately discovers it to be 'your anguish, your comfort.' A moving and tender conversation between flesh and word, Neither Prayer, Nor Bird constructs mystery as something which can be argued with, inhabited, loved-and which, perhaps, may love us in return."
—Catherine Carter

"'Busy in my flesh and song,' writes Devon Miller-Duggan, 'I croon my jubilate for the raptors,/ wrap my soul in feathers,/ send it, leashed, to peck at heaven.' The poems of Neither Prayer, Nor Bird give us Aquinas and the Annunciation, but also angels graying the skies over Delaware, angels 'drunk on Scotch or V-8,' and baby angels on a roman ceiling, 'plush as a king's mistress's pink ass.' Miller-Duggan's angels enter history, from a dull morning's wait at Motor Vehicles to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, where 'one angel spends/ the rest of time weaving itself over and under/ the stitches around one six-pointed star.' Bold in their emotional range and disturbing beauty, these fine poems are a complex visitation. They offer strong music of grief, joy, and risk-and everywhere, a longing to find the voice of an angel 'dancing on its own sweet light.'"
—Sally Rosen Kindred

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