Today's poem is "Barley Bees, Barlow Or"
from Here Both Sweeter

The Kent State University Press

Daniel Carter is the author of This Apparatus, 2012. His poems have appeared in Crazyhorse, The AWL, The Offending Adam, and elsewhere.

Books by Daniel Carter:

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Two poems
Two poems

About Here Both Sweeter:

"Daniel Carter's Here Both Sweeter reads like a child's dream of a word game in the garden of a fallen world. Filled with voices, epistolary addresses, and verbal equations, redolent of Woolf's The Waves, these poems thrill with unpredictable rhythmic strategies and rhyming echoes. What an auspicious debut this book is: challenging, multilayered, and profoundly rewarding"
—Kathy Fagan

"Here Both Sweeter is a brimming, decadent basket of language, complete with all the lushness and spoils that ripe words bring. This spread contains heavy desire at one end, eaten parts at another, and, off in the distance like a whorl of buzzzing smoke, the promise, approaching, of beckoned flies."
—Alissa Nutting

"Whether the'lost-again garden' of Daniel Carter's remarkable title poem, `Here Both Sweeter; is a reference to Eden or to a personal paradise, the imagery that attempts to regain it is hauntingly beautiful and compels the reader's imagination to envision the poet's experience while simultaneously experiencing the universal human trauma of the lost garden.... His poems are filled with a surprising phraseology that, at first amusing, is seen to be not only just right but also marvelously memorable, as in `Ghost [House]' in which there is a succession of astonishingly original perceptions: `I spent days making colors change' or `You rang the bell that makes the candles glow; phrases that persuade one to reread the poem and to observe that indeed every phrase in it has that same startling power, such as the brilliant And here you see a virus shake."
—Zulfikar Ghose

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