Today's poem is "As Tears"
from Grains of the Voice

Triquarterly Books

Christina Pugh's previous collections of poems are Restoration (TriQuarterly Books, 2008) and Rotary (2004). Her awards include the 2000 Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship and a 2005 Ucross Foundation Residency Fellowship, the Grolier Poetry Prize, and four nominations for the Pushcart Prize. She is an associate professor of English at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Books by Christina Pugh:

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About Grains of the Voice:

"No poet of her generation can match Christina Pugh’s sheer lyricism. I mean not only her gift for writing precise and beautiful lines and sentences — though the poems in Grains of the Voice are so fine that you could use them to cut glass — but also Pugh’s passionate intelligence, her ability to carve shapes from language that promise to endure, even as they remain open to the unknown and the incomplete, revealing that vulnerability from which song derives in the first place."
—Peter Campion

"Christina Pugh is a master of voice, its shades and swayings, and a superb shaper of sound and argument. In Grains of the Voice she shows herself a world-making poet, and presides over her creation with a fine, pressing energy."
—David Mikics

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