Today's poem is "The Logic of a Lesser Loved Science"
from What Euclid’s Third Axiom Neglects To Mention about Circles

White Pine Press

Carolyn Moore has published four chapbooks and taught at Humboldt State University (Arcata, California) until able to eke out a living as a freelance writer. She now works from the last vestige of the family farm in Tigard, Oregon.

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Two poems
"Of a Maligned Myth and Its Namesake Aquatic Mammal"
"Villanelle: The Dance Instructor Steels Himself for the Upcoming Class"
"A Hamlet Soliloquy by Dorothy Parker"

About What Euclid’s Third Axiom Neglects To Mention about Circles:

"Carolyn Moore is a poet whose lyrics, meditations and elegies use language from geology, botany and yes mathematics to explore the human condition. What Euclid’s Third Axiom Neglects To Mention about Circles invites the reader to explore a mature writer’s interests. She uses the conventions of contemporary poetry with confidence, but much of the lyricism comes from a vocabulary that is not often used from the scientific categories previously listed. However, these poems share a deep faith in the power of poetry to connect a life in science, the complexities of family, recognition of desire and suffering to a passion for words. That connection propels this collection and reminds us that there are always new words to learn and use like 'vugs'."
—Patricia Spears Jones

"With the precision of a mathematician and the compassion of a poet, Carolyn Moore reminds us how we are bound to our loved ones by the things they leave behind. In these exquisitely wrought poems, she ‘turns to geology, resolute and refining’ and to ‘salvation by botany’ to ease the burden of memory. Moore’s poems welcome us into the solace of ‘the circle’s elegance: to the line returning to itself."
—Margaret Chula

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