Today's poem is "Couple"
from Holding Ground

Four Way Books

Bruce Willard lives in California and Maine. An ex-disc jockey and forklift operator, he currently oversees several clothing catalog businesses and chauffeurs the family dogs from coast to coast each summer.

Books by Bruce Willard:

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"Great Plains"

Bruce Willard's Website.

About Holding Ground:

"Bruce Willard writes with balanced—and earned—accuracy from the heart of his experience. The natural world is not, for him, an image ‘kitty,’ but a powerful real presence that through its resistances, as well as its vexing beauty, marks out the reach of inwardness. The poems are clear windows on the defining scenes of that inwardness: love, separation, family, and coming to terms with pain and joy."
—Sven Birkerts

"In Holding Ground the poet touches the world and senses nuances in the terrain of what lives in the heart and in the mind. In a simple eloquence, Willard’s poems articulate ordinary and difficult moments to strike the genuine pitch of what it means to be fully alive. The poet celebrates our possibilities even as he knows our lives are filled with all the spirit’s dangers. The poems are clear and evocative, an elegant accomplishment."
—Afaa Michael Weaver

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