Today's poem is "Ruins"
from Night With Its Owl

Hedgerow Books

Anne Love Woodhull has co-authored three children’s books and is the author of This Is What We Have (March Street Press, 2001,) a poetry chapbook. Working with children and adults, she is a therapist and teacher. For the last thirty years, she and her husband, Gordon Thorne, have provided space for the development of creative work on Main Street in Northampton, Massachusetts. They also preserve open land in the town of Amherst to encourage the collaboration of organic farming, exploration, learning, and the arts.

Books by Anne Love Woodhull:

About Night With Its Owl:

"These poems take the pain and terror and joy and everyday pocket change of life, and quietly hammer them into beauty. Again and again a line or a phrase brought me up short with delight. The mainspring of Anne Woodhull’s work is bravery, I think—it carries her through experience head-on to perceptions no one has come up with before. This is a powerful and moving collection by a poet of dazzling maturity."
—Ian Frazier

"Anne Love Woodhull’s Night With Its Owl, won’t change your life, it will confirm it –– the nature of nature – ‘familiar with ice’– warmed back toward life not by conflagration, but the winter rose under snow – all in the fewest – of elegant words – strong as ligaments – binocular too, she sees to the bottom of the well ‘eyes open to the night with its owl’ – night night and night cold- owl owl- but beautiful and succeeded – so far – by morning."
—Sam Ogden

"This lovely collection of new poems, so incandescent and brimming with truth, is wonderful to behold. Anne Woodhull moves with ease and grace from the turbulence of domesticity to the turbulence of nature, inside and outside, imperceptibly and we are left consoled with the feeling of the world being one true and real place."
—Jamaica Kincaid

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