Today's poem is "Snapdragons"
from Reluctant Mistress

Gold Wake Press

Anne Champion is the author of Reluctant Mistress (Snapdragon, 2013). Her poems have appeared in Pank Magazine, The Comstock Review, Thrush Poetry Journal, Poetry Quarterly, Cider Press Review, The Aurorean, and elsewhere. She was a recipient of the Academy of American Poet’s Prize, a nominee for the St. Botolph Emerging Writer’s Grant, and a participant in the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Workshop. She holds degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Creative Writing from Western Michigan University and received her MFA in Poetry from Emerson College. She currently teaches writing and literature at Emerson College, Wheelock College, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, MA. She also serves as a poetry reader for Ploughshares.

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About Reluctant Mistress:

"Anne Champion's poems engage a paradoxical world-a gift is a curse, a silhouette is a shadow, a flower's "bloom and death are the same." Champion looks hard at love's pleasure and harder at its cruelties. In these poems, the future is sought in tarot decks, Ouija boards, a lover's palm, anything that might tell the feral parishioners of love where to soothe and excite what is wildest in them."
—Traci Brimhall

"Anne Champion's first book is a revelation of sexuality and textuality, of lust and language turned reverently to the transgressive. Rebellious and impassioned, these poems at once call out to the lover and manifest loss, caught up in the body's-and the imagination's-rapture."
—Christine Casson

"Anne Champion's Reluctant Mistress is a fearless collection of palm readings, dying stars, tequila stains, and self-preservation. Her poems curse, cry, nibble and flirt through a profound investigation into love's many shapes. Champion writes boldly of one-night stands, adultery, obsessive love, and lust with the grace of a natural storyteller, ultimately reminding us that what we try to forget, the flesh always remembers."
—Mary Stone Dockery

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