Today's poem is "Tectonics"
from Keeping Even

Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Sheila Sanderson N lives in the high desert mountains of Prescott, Arizona and teaches Arts & Letters Program at Prescott College. She serves as a poetry and creative nonfiction editor for Alligator Juniper.

Books by Sheila Sanderson:

About Keeping Even:

"Sheila Sanderson writes a mature and committed poetry—a poetry that cuts to the bone, a poetry committed to cherishing the elemental wonders surrounding her life. Sanderson pays close attention to nature and her appreciation is specific, fresh, and hard-won, for Sanderson is a poet who, through hands-on observation, realizes the ironies and inequities of experience. And so her vision is subtle, wry, and realistic. The experience of a Sanderson poem is always essential. Her voice is uniquely her own, and a reader will hear Biblical overlays at the edges, in her poetry's fierce music, in its gravity and concern. Sanderson commands a consistent and sophisticated syntax, and her voice, her style, support and include the contradictions of hope—which is where her poems brilliantly lead."
—Christopher Buckley

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