Today's poem is "Circles"
from Litany for the City

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Ryan Teitman was born in Philadelphia and is a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University. He received his BA from Penn State University and worked as a newspaper reporter in and around Philadelphia before receiving an MFA and MA from Indiana University. His poems have appeared in Crab Orchard Review, Mid-American Review, Ninth Letter, Sycamore Review, and Washington Square, among other publications. He currently lives in Berkeley, California.

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About Litany for the City:

"This is a book of sights and insights: A city at dusk, an uncle playing a harmonica, a foreign film at a local opera house - these beautifully observed details all blend into the achievement and purpose of this fine first collection. These intense and eloquent poems, by seeking out the sacred place inside the secular one, remind us at every turn of the meaning of origin and memory."
—Eavan Boland

"In Litany for the City, Ryan Teitman conjures up a vast, shifting metropolis, one filled with strange, often harrowing, wonders. Simultaneously all cities and a place created as if from the imaginations and half-forgotten memories of those who observe it, it spreads glitteringly across our actual and interior landscapes. With these often chilling, lush poems, Ryan Teitman creates a dream-like world that is at once fantastic, strangely intimate, and deeply moving. It is one of the finest first books I've read in years."
—Kevin Prufer

"A rich and searching sense of desire unites Ryan Teitman's spectacular debut. Teitman consoles and instructs in ways that renders both metropolitan and internal landscapes utterly bright with life, introducing us to new and delicious worlds worth believing in."
—Aimee Nezhukumatathil

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