Today's poem is "The Man in the Moon Retires to a Small House in a Valley"

from Copper Nickel

Rick Bursky's most recent book is Death Obscura (Sarabande Books). His poems have appeared in many journals including Field, Harvard Review, Prairie Schooner, Black Warrior Review, Shenandoah, and New Letters. Bursky teaches poetry at UCLA Extension.

Other poems by Rick Bursky in Verse Daily:
December 4, 2010:   "The Mandolin" "This was the night police chased the musicians from the roof...."

Books by Rick Bursky:

Other poems on the web by Rick Bursky:
"Plans for a Future"
Two poems
"The Science of Revision"
"The Collections"
"The Geography of Exile"
Two poems

Rick Bursky's Website.

Rick Bursky's Blog.

Rick Bursky on Twitter.

About Copper Nickel:

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November 8, 2009:   "Evasion of Privacy" by Jordan Davis
November 6, 2009:   "The Interior Weather of Tree-Clinging Birds" by Sandy Longhorn

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