Today's poem is "Brush Fire"
from Rumored Animals

Dream Horse Press

Quinn Latimer was born in 1978 in Venice, California, and educated at Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University’s School of the Arts in New York. Her poems have been featured in Boston Review, The Paris Review, and Prairie Schooner, among other journals, and recordings or performances of her poems have been included in exhibitions at Art Basel Miami Beach; Galerie J, Geneva; and Kunsthaus Glarus. Latimer currently lives with her husband in Basel, Switzerland, where she regularly contributes criticism about contemporary art and literature to Artforum, Frieze, and Kaleidoscope. Rumored Animals, which was awarded the 2010 American Poetry Journal Book Prize, is her first book.

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About Rumored Animals:

"Readers of new poetry have come to expect a certain amount of wonder in the work, a certain receptivity (here and there) to the non-rational, preternatural undercurrents which ordinarily reveal themselves to us with full force only every now and then. For some, poetry might even serve, in part, as a conservancy for that receptivity, a protected place for it to run free beyond the reach of all the paperwork and chatter. Rumored Animals is one such place. By turns ecstatic and grief-stricken, Quinn Latimer's poems-distinctive, audacious, elemental, and unyielding-render the world with all its strangenesses intact and vitality restored, asserting the legitimacy of another, more primal vision at odds with the agreed-upon, one where 'mountains/ surround us with their animal/ prowl, throw back// their black capes/ and are done.' This is a thrilling, defiant, and heartening body of work."
—Timothy Donnelly

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