Today's poem is "'And the Fish Swim in the Lake, And Do Not Even Own Clothing'"
from No Hurry

Etruscan Press

Michael Blumenthal is the author of seven previously published books of poetry, the novel Weinstock Among the Dying, and the memoir All My Mothers and Fathers, among other books. Formerly Director of Creative Writing at Harvard, he is currently Visiting Professor of Law at the West Virginia University College of Law and lives in Morgantown, West Virginia, and Hegymagas, Hungary.

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About No Hurry:

"What a terrific book this is! . . . [Blumenthal] thinks out loud for all of us, affirms and denies with wit, charm, and best of all, with what feels like hard-won accuracy."
—Stephen Dunn

"Michael Blumenthalís poetry never sits heavy on the reader yet is substantial, civilized, and capable of articulating the human condition, including its pains and losses, without melodrama, high sentence, or self-pity. No Hurry is a gorgeous book: the world of flesh, mind, and heart spoken through air and silk."
—George Szirtes

"Blumenthal goes straight to the heart in these poems. Gorgeously wrought, surprising, true, wise, elegiac, they leave me with a sense of having listened to Mozartís Ave Verum Corpus. Who could ask for more?"
—Lynn Freed

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