Today's poem is "Goldfinches"
from Vanitas, Rough

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Lisa Russ Spaar is author of four acclaimed poetry collections and editor of several anthologies. Her recent honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Library of Virginia Award for Poetry, and the Carole Weinstein Poetry Award. Spaar is Professor of English at the University of Virginia and poetry editor for The Chronicle of Higher Education Review. She lives in Charlottesville.

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Books by Lisa Russ Spaar:

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Lisa Russ Spaar According to Wikipedia.

About Vanitas, Rough:

"Spaarís language has become more muscular, more erotic, and more insistently visceral. . . .[She] sounds like no other poet writing today."
—Jennifer Chang

"An entrancing world of lush language and passionate imaginings."
Publishers Weekly

"Spaar is ringleader of a stunning lexicon."
—Christopher Matthews

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