Today's poem is "Paper Birds"
from Hold Like Owls

University of South Carolina Press

Julia Koets holds an M.F.A. from the University of South Carolina. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including Indiana Review; Los Angeles Review; Euphony; and Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts. A native of Summerville, South Carolina, Koets currently lives in San Francisco.

Books by Julia Koets:

About Hold Like Owls:

"Koets has a penchant for surprising metaphor. She possesses a personal delight for the highest flying verbs and their alluring descriptors. . . . I am grateful to this poet for this first book of poems. I am grateful for what she has taken the time to remind me of. She is just getting started. I applaud the alphabet spilling from her hands."
—Nikky Finney

"The subject of these poems is relationships: of a human with her past, of lover with her beloved, of speech with the unsayable, of cherishing in the face of evanescence. The primary mode is metaphor practiced as a profound alchemy, that is, knowledge acquired by the merging of several meanings, and purity achieved by separation into new clarities. Koets's voice is, simultaneously and by turns, intimate, strangely remote, mournful, ecstatic, seductive, and challenging. This book is an earnest and welcome addition to our great communal work of discovering, creating, and inventing a voice and image of the person we can love. It is a manifold gift."
—Li-Young Lee

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