Today's poem is "The Catch"
from That Thread Still Connecting Us

MoonPath Press

Joseph Green lives in Longview, Washington, where he taught at Lower Columbia College for twenty-five years.

Books by Joseph Green:

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"Someone to Watch Over Me"
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"Jesus, Charles Manson"

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About That Thread Still Connecting Us:

"This new book by Joseph Green reminds me of the 'handyman' quilts my grandmother used to make. Her genius lay in finding just the right pieces from old jeans, shirts, dresses, blankets, and arranging them in extraordinary order, carefully sewn, so that the whole and the parts were both something new. Green knows precisely what threads to use, where to tug, and how hard. These are, ultimately, poems of redemption, forgiveness, understanding, the scraps of a life saved up, puzzled over, and put to use, finally, with love and care."
—Samuel Green

"In this moving collection, a childhood darkened by a harshly critical family follows the poet into his adult world, persisting like '...winter hanging on/ into spring,” its “small hail' stinging every surface. Characterized by a wry wisdom, these haunted, evocative poems collapse the distance between past and present. With a stark, transcending grace, Joseph Green chronicles 'Ordinary lives./ Ambitions spilling. Plans failing./ Dreams seeping out through the cracks.'"

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