Today's poem is "Over and Under"
from Help is on the Way

University of Wisconsin Press

John Brehmís poems have appeared in Poetry, The Gettysburg Review, The Southern Review, Gulf Coast, Barrow Street, Prairie Schooner, the Missouri Review and many other journals and anthologies. He is author of Sea of Faith, winner of the 2004 Brittingham Prize in Poetry, and associate editor of The Oxford Book of American Poetry. He lived in New York City for many years and now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Other poems by John Brehm in Verse Daily:
October 17, 2002:  "A Returning" "Tonight my father's love for me / is the crowbar he places gently..."
September 25, 2002:  "Revelation" "...my memories like bewildered animals..."

Books by John Brehm:

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Two poems
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John Brehm's Website.

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