Today's poem is "Sprung Dualities"
from Every Wound Has A Rhythm

World Enough Writers Publications

James Bertolino’s poetry has been appearing internationally in books, magazines and anthologies for over 40 years. His first book was published in 1968, and his most recent of 25 titles appeared in 2009. Bertolino’s poetry has been recognized nationally by the Book-of-the-Month Club Poetry Fellowship, the Discovery Award, a Hart Crane publication award, a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, two Quarterly Review of Literature book awards and, in 2007, the Jeanne Lohmann Poetry Prize for Washington State Poets.

Books by James Bertolino:

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Making Space For Our Living (Entire book)

James Bertolino's Website.

About Every Wound Has A Rhythm:

"The poetry of James Bertolino unseals our vision, giving it a voice at once gentle, wise, and even profound. Here beauty and truth are inseperably commingled. I cannot read him without being forever changed line by line, Bertolino's language alchemically transforms everyday experience into something akin to magic and wonder."
—Charles Johnson

"Bertolino has written a new volume of poems that defy life's gravity--floating and ethereal, grounded and simple at once-a fully-fledged look into the world of a practiced artist. Bertolino takes his agile observations and appends them with axiom, something he has sometimes been reluctant to do. 'Truth is such a flirt.'"
—Bart Baxter

"Jim Bertolino's poems and my art arise from the same source: the quest for beauty in all nature's manifestations-a leaf, a frog, the ocean waves, a simple gesture. Beauty in nature is our bridge. I feel connected to Bertolino's poems from the inside, as I immerse myself in my painting and emerge renewed-just as his poems will allow others to do."
—Alfredo M. Arreguin

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