Today's poem is "The Galician Spade"
from The Crossed-Out Swastika

Copper Canyon Press

Cyrus Cassells, a graduate of Stanford University, has worked as a translator, film critic, and actor. He has been a recipient of the Peter I.B. Lavan Younger Poet Award of the Academy of American Poets and a Lannan Literary Award. Presently he lives in Austin, Texas, and teaches at Texas State University-San Marcos.

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About The Crossed-Out Swastika:

"Cyrus Cassells here, as in all his work, attempts to penetrate the barriers of our limited sense experience, limited intelligence, limited capacity for feeling and empathy with others, through the arrow of language...The reader who enters Cassells's 'unstoppable human dawn' will be lacerated and comforted at once."
—Alicia Ostriker

"In The Crossed-Out Swastika, Cyrus Cassells sets out to accomplish a genuine synthesis, to know the nature of the powers which thwart our human evolution, and to create a voice which can account for them and comprehend them. Perhaps this has been his mission from the beginning. In this volume his efforts achieve greater numinosity and deeper feeling than ever before."
—Li-Young Lee

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