Today's poem is "Chocolate and the Afterlife"
from Between Storms

Truman State University Press

Carol V. Davis received the 2007 T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry for Into the Arms of Pushkin: Poems of St. Petersburg (Truman State University Press). She is the author of It's Time to Talk About..., published in a bilingual collection in Russia (1997), and two chapbooks, Letters From Prague and The Violin Teacher. She was a senior Fulbright scholar in Russia in 1996/97 and 2005. Her poetry has been read on National Public Radio and Radio Russia, and at the Library of Congress. She was the 2008 Poet-in-Residence at Olivet College in Michigan and currently teaches at Santa Monica College in California.

Books by Carol V. Davis:

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About Between Storms:

"At her best, Carol V. Davis creates a stark and feeling poetry that is palpable with impending threat as well as with the recurring and sour tang of history. But Davis can also conjure up the beauty amid the terror, so that while 'the dark drops its burden/all night long, deepening/' she also shows us how the sky looks 'as it empties its buckets/of stars.'"
—Enid Shomer

"When I began this collection, firmly embedded in my own world, my fingers attached to the keyboard of my computer, I never expected to find myself so fully engaged in Davisí world, my passport stamped with one wondrous visit after another to the unique accents of image and vision in her poems. I donít know where the conversion takes place—is it between 'Marshland' and 'Roots.'? —that the reader—me—realizes that he has experienced something between memorable and miracle."
—George Ellenbogen

"Even as there is something trapped in the unfurling of petals, there is something trapped in the surface of Davisís poems in Between Storms that is singing to us. Hard to tell if it is an owl, a mocking bird, or the muse trying to reach us. No matter if the subject is of hunger, ancestral fear, or refuge; no matter if our goal is to draw the shades or cross the expanse, we have no choice but to put down our luggage and risk listening."
—Scott Hightower

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