Today's poem is "Deus Ex Machina"
from Olives

Triquarterly Books

A.E. Stallings has published two books of poetry, Archaic Smile (1999), which won the Richard Wilbur Award, and Hapax (Northwestern University Press, 2006), which won the Poet's Prize and the American Academy of Arts and Letters' Benjamin H. Danks Award. She has also published a verse translation of Lucretius, The Nature of Things (2007). Stallings is a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow and a 2011 MacArthur Fellow. She lives in Athens, Greece.

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September 20, 2008:   from "The Dance of Atoms" by "Unfamiliar with the logic of the physical world..."
January 15, 2008:   "An Ancient Dog Grave, Unearthed During Construction of the Athens Metro" "It is not the curled-up bones, nor even the grave..."
May 3, 2006:   "Nettles" " March: pinked leaflets sprout..."
April 4, 2006:   "Palinurus" " Sleep is a god, attending when he wills..."
April 14, 2005:  "On the Nearest pass of Mars in 60,000 Years" ""War or Strife—yes, you were always painted..."
February 8, 2005:  "Ultrasound" "What butterfly..."
December 27, 2004:  "The Compost Heap" "It waxed with autumn, when the leaves..."
December 5, 2004:  "Explaining an Affinity for Bats"   "That they are only glimpsed in silhouette..."
April 14, 2004:  "Lilith"   "In the beginning, everything was..."
October 31, 2003:  "A Bone to Pick with You"   "It's time to take the skeleton out of the closet..."
December 9, 2002:  Eurydice Reveals Her Strength   "Dying is the easy part...."
November 27, 2002:  The Wife of the Man of Many Wiles   "Believe what you want to. Believe that I wove..."

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