Today's poem is "Around Killingsworth and Albina"
from Nixon on the Piano

David Robert Books

Sid Miller is the founding editor of the literary journal Burnside Review. His poetry and essays have appeared in journals such as Redactions, Rattle and Crab Orchard Review. His second collection of poetry, Dot-to-Dot, Oregon (Ooligan Press) will be published in late 2009. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Claire.

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About Nixon on the Piano:

"From childhood to manhood, bathrooms to Bar Mitzvahs, the cheap motels and cheaper bars dotting our trajectory towards that Great 1-5 In The Sky, Sid Miller's exuberant yet humble voice is a road trip through the landscape of motion itself. Miller's gregarious brand of wit is never afraid to push toward the edge of vulnerability, raw emotional territory and ‘the land so ready to forgive;’ the poems remind us, as the best poems do—irreverently, comically, tenderly: ‘Sometimes accidents and weeds are the most beautiful things.’"
—Robyn Art

"'It's a shame that it all has to end / like this,' begins the first poem in Sid Miller's Nixon on the Piano, setting the tone for what follows. A father with a bone to pick, swearing chickens, and, yes, Richard Nixon at the keys of a baby grand-Miller's images make a quiet case for upended expectations and open definitions. He’s a poet who dreams with his eyes open."
—B.T. Shaw

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