Today's poem is "Upshot"

from New Orleans Review

Deborah Tall has published four books of poems, most recently Summons, winner of the Kathryn A. Morton Poetry Prize, from Sarabande Books. She has also published two books of creative non-fiction, co-edited the anthology The Poet's Note-book, and has been editor of Seneca Review since 1982. She taught at Hobart and William Smith College in upstate New York. Ms. Tall passed away in October 2006.

About New Orleans Review:
Poets in this issue: K.A. Hayes , Joanna Klink, Wayne Miller, Adam Clay, Suzanne Heyd, Jeffrey Bean, Gretchen Primack, Ryan Fox, Paula Bohince, Jerry Harp, Nick Regiacorte, Nicholas Reading, Matthea Harvey, Bryan Penberthy, Josh Wallaert, Kazim Ali, Dilruba Ahmed, Lesley Wheeler, Tony Trigilio, Rita Signorelli-Pappas, Scott K. Odom, Ilya Kaminsky, Tess Gallagher, Sandy Florian, Nancy White, Alex Lemon, Dan Pinkerton, David Lau, Billy Reynolds, Erik Campbell, Clary Matthews, James Grinwis, Sandra Simonds, Juliet Patterson, Julie Sophia Paegle, Deborah Tall, Sandra Beasley, Steve Lautermilch

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New Orleans Review * Box 195 * Loyola University * New Orleans, LA 70118
Poetry Editor: Katie Ford

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