Today's poem is "Choir"

from Saranac Review

C.J. Sage is the editor of The National Poetry Review and teaches at Hartnell & De Anza Colleges. C.J.'s poems have appeared in Black Warrior Review, Shenandoah, The Antioch Review, The Threepenny Review, Smartish Pace, The American Poetry Journal, 32 Poems, and many other magazines.

Other poems by C.J. Sage in Verse Daily:
September 8, 2004:  "Managing Myth" "From time to time the red-winged blackbirds tumble..."
December 31, 2003:  "Litany for Treetops" "The way the wind breaks across a giraffe's neck..."
September 17, 2002:  "Birth Ghazal" and "Bridge Ghazal" "I want to say before I die: my heart is clear; my hands, reborn...."
August 27, 2002:  "Sonnet For Carryhouse and Keeper" "I met a man who'd kept a snail as pet...."

About Saranac Review:
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